Paper Recycling:

When our new
Eco-Burners arrived, we ordered a 'paper brick making press' as an experiment to generate more green fuel.

The idea is to soak waste paper in water to make a pulp, like Papier-mâché, then load the press with the pulp, and squeeze the water out, forming an oblong-shaped 'brick'.  These bricks are then dried on a rack for around 2-3 weeks, before being ready to be used as fuel for the fire.

The experiment is working well so far, we now have quite a stock of paper bricks, stored waiting for the cold weather.  We are now hoping to develop this process into a larger operation.  With bigger soaking baths, a shredder to process the paper,  heavy-duty presses and more racking for drying we will be equipped to take larger amounts of waste paper to recycle into fuel bricks, saving the paper from landfill. 

Our paper recycling process, in pictures:

Paper is torn into strips and soaked in the bath of water

The paper being pushed under the water and mixed into a pulp

Pulp being added to the press

The water is squeezed from the pulp

The brick is finished!

Bricks in the drying racks will be ready to be used after about 2-3 weeks