Our Trading Shed and Exhibition Hall needed heating.  During the winter months temperatures could drop to below freezing in both the Hall and the Shed - Uncomfortable for the volunteers working in the Trading Shed on a Sunday, but also rendering the Hall virtually unusable for any kind of event or workshop for at least half of the year.

We decided to look into funding possibilities for environmentally friendly heating burners which could run on 'waste' fuel, killing two birds with one stone - Heating for the buildings, and disposal for our rubbish!  We found the burners on eBay, advertised by a small engineering firm in Lincoln, who fabricate them in small numbers during the winter to save the welders from down-time!

They were designed by the firm to burn logs, and ideal for heating workshops and garages.  The main fire box is roughly 3ftx3ftx3ft.  The flue is positioned through a heat transfer box, where a thermostatically controlled electric fan on the back blows air across large heatsink fins and out through a forward-facing vent.  This means that in addition to the heat immediately around the burner, hot air is also blown out and around the space effectively.

After hiring a van, a quick trip to Lincoln and back and the burners arrived!

Installed by a handful of our dedicated and hard-working committee, the burners were in place after just a couple of weekends, and they were ready to go!

The difference these burners make is unbelievable! - Very easy to light, very quick to warm up and our Trading Shed is now warm and cosy.  (We have seen a marked increase in people coming to buy supplies or socialise since the heating was installed) - We have a supply of logs, which we prepare and store in the dry ready for burning, and we make kindling out of old, broken pallets.  We have also started trialling a waste-paper recycling scheme where we produce solid blocks of compressed paper mache, using a special press.  After drying, these make excellent fuel 'bricks' for our burners. - (see link to the left for more details)

The burners arrive!

Erm... someones measurements were a bit out...

Inside and in place - Now we need the chimneys!

No going back now...


Looks cold up there... Hurry up and we can light the fire!

Nearly ready...