This is where we 'put the GREEN into Green-fingered'!

Here we will show the projects the committee are undertaking to help make the site more environmentally-friendly and self-sufficient, and some of the things we are doing to include the local community and raise awareness.

As an allotment site, every plot-holder has always recycled in one way or another - from sheds and huts built from old pallets and scraps of reclaimed wood, to compost made from rotting down weeds, waste food and other organic material.  Old bins made into water butts, unwanted furniture and other household items re-used to make allotment huts more comfortable. - Even old bed frames, tyres, plastic pipes, and broken bricks etc have all been used one way or another to invent ingenious ways of helping to grow or protect crops on the plots for years and years.

As a Society, we are looking at ways to improve our site facilities, using new technologies to harness renewable energy, at the same time as making our facilities more user-friendly and accessible for workshops and other events in the future.

We have already installed 2 large wood-burning stoves to provide heating in our Trading Shed and Exhibition Hall - 'Alice'.  These stoves will burn scrap wood and logs, but have also been used to incinerate weeds and hedge cuttings.  The burners have inspired a waste-paper recycling scheme, which we have started to trial.  This involves making 'bricks' out of the paper to use as heating fuel for the stoves.

Other projects we are currently looking into include generating electricity using Solar and Wind power; site 'street lighting' using Solar energy; and installation of composting toilets.  We are also very active with our local Freecycle and Freegle groups, helping to save unwanted items being sent to landfill. The donated items we have obtained so far include computer equipment, furniture and even our Portacabin office! - These have all been put to good use, and are very gratefully received.

Please see the links on the left for more details and the progress of our environmental projects.