Geoff's Corner for July:

Geoff Garrard, our very own Committee Secretary, and (long-suffering!) wife Eileen, our esteemed Treasurer, have been involved with GHS as Plot-holders for over 20 years, Committee Members for over 15 years and Secretary and Treasurer for over 10 years, They have built a wealth of gardening and allotment knowledge and skills, and the respect and appreciation of the Society as a whole. 

Through this page, Geoff gives us monthly top tips for our allotments, gardens and even our backyards. 

Here is Geoff's Corner for July...

On the allotment:

Pick tomatoes and cucumbers as they ripen making sure you don’t damage the plant.  Top-dress tomato and cucumber containers with extra compost when roots appear on the surface.  Feed greenhouse plants such as tomatoes and cucumbers regularly - We use Maxicrop seaweed food for best results.


Swedes,Turnips and salad crops such as large-rooted winter Radishes, which are hardy.  Finish planting leeks as early as possible, although later varieties will wait until next month.  


Carrots, beetroot, radishes, lettuce and spring onions sown in June.  With carrots its best to wait until evening, as then the carrot fly is less likely to home in on the carrot aroma you release by brushing the leaves.  Cover quickly with insect-proof mesh or fleece.

In the Garden:

Flower seeds to sow outdoors:  Forget-me-nots, Brompton stocks.

Flowers to plant outdoors:  Seedlings of biennials perennials raised from seed sown in June such as Colchicums, autumn-flowering Crocuses, Lilium Candidum, Stern-Bergias. 

Letting plants self-seed saves a fair amount of work in the garden and a little expense too. If you don’t like the position in which a plant has seeded itself, you can in most cases shift it somewhere more suitable. Plants to let have their head include Forget-me-nots, Love-in-a-mist, Foxgloves, Sweet Rocket and Honesty.

In the backyard:

There is no reason to miss out on growing some of your own vegetables.  Some backyards make great suntraps that some vegetables love.  In large pots or containers why not try growing things like potatoes and tomatoes, or in growbags lettuce and rocket and radish. To start with plan out your yard like a small garden so that you will know where to put your plants, salad crops need the most sun. 

Seed packets give you all the information you should need.

Don't forget our not-for-profit Trading Shed on-site for all your gardening needs.
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